10 Free Online Tools That Will Change Your Life

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Thank God we can build online businesses and thank God for free online tools to help us build those businesses!

In my post 5 Great Tools to Help You Market on the Internet, you learned about five tools that I love. Some are free. Some are not. THIS list is filled with all free tools. Everyone loves free, right?

  • HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator – This tool is awesome! If your mind is stalled and you need blog topics, this is the tool for you! They will think of ideas for you. Can it get any easier? Well, maybe if they actually WROTE the post for you. But, what fun would that be?contents gem
  • ContentGems – A content discovery engine! Find content that will inspired your writing. This is the next best thing to having someone write your content for you.
  • Google Keyword Planner – What’s the point in writing great content if no one is going to see it? Use Google Keyword Planner to find out which keywords are performing well in searches within your niche and which are most popular.
  • Pocket – Pocket allows you to easily save articles, video and more to recommend and share with your audience later.
  • Pin Count – Pinterest is very useful in helping you grow your online business. There are 100 million active users, 1/3 of those being men. Utlilizing Pinterest in growing your business is a smart thing to do. Pin Count helps you keep track of how many times your articles and posts have been pinned.
  • Bitly – Long article links are not cool. Use Bitly to shorten article links so for social media sharing.
    Portents Content Idea Generator
  • Portent’s Idea Generator is great fun! Just put in your idea and it generates an idea for your blog post and a witty title.
  • Easel.ly – Everybody loves graphics. Graphics are the #1 shared content on Facebook. Easel.ly  is a simple web tool that allows anyone to create and share dynamic visuals.
  • Have you ever found a website that you love and you wonder what WordPress theme it is? What WordPress Theme Is That will help you identify the theme and the plugins being used.
  • Google has made this list twice and for good reason. Google Analytics  is the best analytics dashboard to keep track of your website analytics.

Let me know which tools you use or some of your favorites that didn’t make this list.