Before You Home School, Read This Post

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Do you like your child? Yes, of course you love your child or you would not be considering educating your child at home. The question is do you LIKE your child? Do you enjoy being in their presence? Do you groove on the unique individual that they are? Are you their biggest fan and cheerleader?

When our son was about 4 (he is 13 now), we were at the local science museum on a school day when I noticed a group of women with their obviously school-aged children who I presumed were home schoolers. At that point, we were toying with the idea of home schooling, but had not yet committed to it. Approaching one of the women, I asked if they were indeed home schoolers. She confirmed they were. I asked her what advice she had to offer to someone (me) who was considering going down the path of home schooling. What she said took me by surprise. She told me to make sure I like my child, to make sure I genuinely enjoy him as a person and being in his presence. If I did not like him, home schooling would be torture, would not work and would be detrimental to our relationship.

Think about it. Home schooling parents spend an extraordinary amount of time with their child(ren). I have only one son so I am his 24/7 playmate; his educator; his nurse; his chef; his chauffeur…you get the idea. If you do not enjoy who your children are with all their quirks and peculiarities and if you find it hard to be in harmony with your offspring, you are going to be spending a lot of time in discord. Living in strife is not healthy for any relationship. And, isn’t that one of the reasons many parents choose to home school – to build that unique relationship with their children home schooling parents are privileged to have?

So,family home schooling before you consider creating your house of learning, sit down and really evaluate if you like that youngster before you. If you battle with appreciating the exceptional individual that came
forth from your womb, home schooling may not be the option that is best for you or your child.