Dropping the Weight and Gaining Freedom

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Angela and EthanI am fat.

Because I am fat, I cannot expect to live The Freedom Lifestyle as I want to live it to the fullest. Why? Because I can’t get around as easily as I could if I were thinner and I hurt in places that I wouldn’t in a thinner body. If I want to travel the globe with my family and see all the awesomeness of this world God created and ENJOY it, I have to drop the weight. Notice I didn’t say “lose” the weight. My chiropractor, Dr. Brian Burns, (whom I highly recommend) pointed out that when you lose something, such as your keys, you replace them. I do not want to replace the weight. I am kicking this weight to the curb and sending it on down the road. How am I going to send this fat on its way?

Many of my friends are doing Trim Healthy Mama. This program, in a nutshell, has you group your meals into two categories, either an “S” meal, which stands for satisfying and is fat-full; or, an “E” meal, which stands for “Energizing” and is carbohydrate-full. This is an over-simplified explanation. There is much, much more to the program and I encourage you to read their book. I know several people having great success on this plan. However, it is not the one for me at this time.

Other people I know are eating whole food plant-based and having very little fats. If the food had eyes or a mama, or came from something that had eyes or a mama, they don’t eat it. If you’ve seen the movie Forks Over Knives, you will be very familiar with this plan. My husband and I lived like this for about 6 months a few years ago, and I do have to say that I felt GREAT. I definitely plan to return to eating this way once I drop a considerable amount of weight. But, for now? Not the one for me.

Which eating plan IS the one for me? At this point, right now, I’m going with the ketogenic plan. What is the ketogenic plan? I can eat meat, fat, non-starchy vegetables and low-glycemic fruit (in serious moderation). The goal of this plan is to encourage metabolic change in which the primary cellular fuel source switches from carbohydrate based fuels to fat fuels. The people I know on the ketogenic diet are shedding weight like there is no tomorrow. I wasn’t sure about this plan until two of my medical doctors at different times in two different offices suggested I cut out all carbs and try the ketogenic plan to get the weight off.  Okay.

So, now, here I am on day four of my new eating plan. It has not been easy! My body was freaking out on day two. I was light-headed, grumpy, had a TREMENDOUS headache and felt terrible. I ate a cup of popcorn (already popped, not a cup of un-popped corn, even though I could!) and after about 10 minutes a warm sensation came over me and I felt calm. That was wild! I had never experienced that before with food. Hello, my name is Angela, and I am a carb addict! Day three was much better, headache almost gone. And, now, on day 4, I’m feeling good and I’m down 3lbs.

I am serious about this Freedom Lifestyle. Thank you, Zora the Explorer, for encouraging me, and all of your viewers, to get off our butts and make it happen. It was time I quit dreaming about the Freedom Lifestyle and got after it! If you want something different out of life, you have to do something different. So, I’m doing something different!