Healthier Environment – Changes for Your Senses

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Healthy EnvironmentHealthy Environment

Our environment plays an important role in our health. All of our senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, influence how we feel physically, as well as emotionally, for the positive and for the negative.  It is important to make our environment as pleasant as possible. This could mean cleaning up the mess in your surroundings, changing the liter box more often, switching the ringer on your alarm clock (aka opportunity clock)…you get the idea. Making changes in your life to pursue the Freedom Lifestyle are necessary. Here are some suggestions:

Lifestyle Changes You Can Begin Today

  1. Sight—Add beautiful sights to your personal world. Place green plants around your house and a bouquet of flowers to the kitchen table. Hang a calendar or other photographs of nature on a wall you look at often. Buy a low-maintenance Beta fish and make friends with it.
  2. Sound—Change the sounds you hear by adding peaceful music to your life. Really listen to the music, don’t just use it as background noise. Close your eyes to keep out distractions. Try Pachabel’s Canon in D, Hayden’s Cello Concerto in C, or Debussey’s Claire de Lune. Choose one of the Blessings CDs from Arthur Burk and play it in your home. Having positive, uplifting music playing changes your atmosphere.
  3. Touch—Use touch everyday to lead a happier, more aware life. Reach out for a friend’s arm when engaged in conversation. Ask for and give appropriate hugs. Notice the physical sensation of your clothes—cotton, rayon, silk, wool, etc.
  4. Taste—Be adventurous! Eat a variety of colors—yellow, orange, brown, red, and green. (Chocolate, by the way, counts as brown!) Choose crunchy whole-grain breads and cereals to wake up your taste buds. Use moderate amounts of sugar and salt. Savor new flavors.
  5. Smell—Even smell can help you be healthier. Diffuse essential oils in your home or car. Not only do they smell good, they are good for you. Burn a scented candle (in a safe place). Fill a bowl with potpourri and put it in the living room. Have a fragrant bouquet of flowers on your bedside table. Inhale deeply the scent of a rose. Revel in the fragrances God has placed near you.

Your environment influences your health. As often as you can, establish one that fosters peace and well-being. Remember the importance of fresh air and sunlight. Try to have a home situation that allows you to relax. Remember the benefits of sight and aromatherapy. Enjoy both music and silence. Choose to take time with your meals. And never forget the wonderfully healthy benefit of hugging and embracing those you love.

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