Make It Work – You CAN Home School

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I love to home school!  It brings out the best in me and my son.  It brings out the worst of us, too. There are days everything goes as well as we could imagine. And, there are days when both of us are crying, wondering if he is going to make it to the twelfth grade.

There were times when he was younger (he’s 13 now) I threatened to send him to traditional school when he would complain and give me all kinds of trouble. However, on one of those days God asked me a few questions:

“Did I tell you to home school?” “Yes, Lord, I believe you did.”

“Would you threaten divorce if things were not going perfectly with your husband?”  “No! Of course not! I’d do whatever possible to work it out”

“Then, don’t threaten ‘divorce’ from home schooling when things aren’t going well. Make it work.”

That’s when it all changed for me. I found a way to make it work for MY SON and not just work for me. That included figuring out what makes my son tick, what his motivations were. It included not sticking to a schedule on some days and just hanging out on the couch cuddling. It meant trying out different curricula until we found the one that not only did he enjoy, but taught him, as well.

Another thing that changed that day was I remembered why I was home schooling. And, that reason was to give my son the freedom to be who he is, the freedom to live life on our schedule and the time to build a relationship with my son that just isn’t possible (in my opinion) if he were in traditional school. Our family dynamic is so awesome. But, I’ll type more on that at another time.

Thank you, Lord, for encouraging me to “make it work”. It has changed not only my son’s life, but my life and I am incredibly thankful!