Top 5 Easy Ways to Save Money

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Living the Freedom Lifestyle means, among other things, having the money to do what you want to do, and what I want to do is travel. So, here are my top 5 ways I’ve started saving money so I can live my dream.

Eat at home. Eating at home is not only cheaper, but much healthier. Because I try to buy the sale items at the grocery story, I’m saving even more. But, when we do go out, read the next entry to see how we save money there.

Order water instead of tea or soda. For our family of 3, ordering water saves us a minimum of $7.50 when we eat out. That could be more than 20% of the bill! Another option is to share a meal. That would save 50% of the bill. If you don’t want to share, at least eat the leftovers the next day.

Stay home for entertainment. There are lots of fun things to do at home: board games, cheap rentable movies, bike rides around the neighborhood, Legos, puzzles… Last week we put up a badminton set in the backyard.  This has given us hours of entertainment that costs us nothing. The fact that we were given the set as a gift is even better!

To my son’s joy, I love to play games on the Xbox. Do you know how much time you can fill playing Xbox together?  You don’t even want to know what our record is!

Turn the a/c up a few degrees. We usually keep our house at 70 degrees maximum. I know that is FREEZING to some people, but we like it cold. Since embarking on our journey to The Freedom Lifestyle, I have upped the thermostat to 73.  It is warmer than I am accustomed to, but doable.

Use credit cards that give rewards and pay them off every month. If you can’t be disciplined enough to pay the full amount due on your credit card on time every month, this option may not be for you. However, one idea for those with aren’t completely lacking in discipline is to pay the bill online the day you make your purchases. In addition, NEVER use a card if it means paying an additional fee, usually 3%, that amounts to well over 36% annualized interest and that doesn’t lead to freedom.

We have a card that gives points to a popular hotel chain. By using this card for all of our purchases, we have not paid for a hotel in six months and we’ve traveled out of town several times. Now, I will be saving those points to travel around the world.